Comparison of Leading & Developing Tourist Destinations

This article explains the difference between leading and developing tourist destinations of UK, and also gives light on tourist destinations at Cuba, north Korea and many other places.

According to,Guest Posting the tourist destination helps the tourism industry to attract the tourist across the world for the world heritage sites, sculptures and temples. The UK tourism industry has grown very rapidly and used to attract many visitors through the attractive destination places. The Edinburgh and London used to attract various visitors. The visitors used to select the Edinburgh as the primary destination where people came and enjoy their holiday. Recently, Edinburgh castle used to attract the 1.7 million tourists. It used to come on the top list destination places used to visit by the travellers.

Both London and Edinburgh destination are compared and both are containing great biodiversity and unique landscape. Tourism industry depends upon the environment and natural resources of the country. The Edinburgh used to maintain the sustainable tourism across the country. It is the tourist destination which appeals to the tourist to visit the historical monument, sculptures, lake, beaches, and temples. Edinburgh used to offer the tourist a new appeal of attractive career choice. The London used to appeal from the tourist to visit the tower of London. It appeals to domestic, inbound and outbound tourism. The Edinburgh is the developing tourism and London is developed tourism. The Edinburgh comes second at the tourism destination as compared to London tourism destination. London used to promote cultural tourists and the London Eye destination place used to act as the tourist pullers.

Following are the marketing activity which the marketing department must follow in order to develop the business of TUI group:

Analysis: The data used to inform about the marketing activity which shows the satisfaction level of the tourist towards the offered services. The tourist used to prefer the luxurious hotel rooms and clean bathrooms. The tour operator and tourist guide are less applicable in providing facilities. The tourist is highly satisfied with the taxi operator in order to travel from one place to another.

Tourist Destination at Cuba, North Korea or Myanmar (Burma).

Executive summary: The tourism destination used to affect the appeal of the tourism. The destination places used to appeal to tourist in order to visit the places. The destination place used to decrease the visit of tourism as there is political instability and increase when the place is natural and contains history. It has been said that destination is the tool to increase the number of tourist in the country.

Introduction: According to, the tourism industry needs to analyse the destination place properly in order to determine the visitor’s needs. The destination place contains the characteristics which affect the tourism such as political factor and economic system in business. The destination place must be attractive in order to attract the visitors.

The destination places used to attract the tourist and encourage them to visit the place. The Cuba used to appeal from the tourist to visit its rigid infrastructure, primaeval nature, and nuanced culture. It offers the visitor to visit the island and beach areas. The Myanmar (Burma) lies in the small pleasure and used to increase the tourist visit by 1.5 million every year. The tourism destination in the developed country used to appeal more as compared to developing nation. Following are the characteristics of the tourist destination:

Destination: The destination is the more appealing part of the tourism which used to attract more tourists. The tourist used to attract towards the natural places instead of manmade places.
Economic factor: It used to affect the tourism very well. The stable and good economy helps the tourist to attract the tourist. The tourist is of different types such as business tourist who used to visit the country with the purpose of the business.
The behaviour of local people: It used to affects the tourism widely which used to decrease the appeal of tourism. The behaviour of the people in order to interact with the tourist.
Political instability: It used to affect the number of visit of visitors as the instability of the politics used to disturb the visitor such as terrorist attacks. The Cuba and Myanmar have the less political stability which used to decrease in the number of tourists.
Promotion: The promotion is one of the factors that is done to attract and aware the visitor about the products and services of the tourism. It has the positive impact on the stakeholder of the tourism industry. They used to help in decision- making process in order to develop the tourism.
Product development: It is necessary to develop the product in order to appeal to the customers. Tour operator TUI group needs to offer the holiday package product to the visitor in order to attract them.
Tourism industry used to attract the visitor on the basis of the destination places. So, it is necessary to evaluate the destination place in order to attract the visitor by offering them the products and services which fulfil their demands and needs.

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